New Patient

New patient or symptom-based exam appointments include a head-to-toe assessment of your current state, consisting of a consultation, physical examination, and an adjustment pending the findings of the exam.

General Spinal Adjustment

Dr. Pam follows the Activator Method’s essential scan to assess and adjust the patient’s spine with the goal of short and long term symptom relief.. She also utilizes the advanced activator protocols to address acute or persistent patterns of pain and dysfunction in the spine and proximal joints, including the pelvis, hip, scapula, shoulder and clavicle. Many of these appointments will include additional services.

Soft tissue Manipulation (STM)

STM includes addressing additional pain and dysfunction specifically in the muscles and fascia surrounding the body. Most common treatments are instrument assisted soft tissue manipulation (IASTM) and cranial adjustments.

Extra-Spinal Adjustment (ESA)

Utilizing advanced activator, sacral occipital technique and/or applied kinesiology protocols to assess and adjust the affected joints, including the jaw, shoulder, elbow, wrist, hands hip, knee, ankle and foot.

Sinus and Lymph Adjustment

Sinuses of the face are adjusted with the activator followed by a lightly lymph massage of the face head and neck. The goal is to aid the body in moving lymph.

Physiotherapy Rehab

Set of exercises designed for each patient's goals and needs will be assigned, reviewed and performed under supervision. Physio tracker app available upon request.

Physical Exam

Physical exam provided for employment, sports, and school participation provided. NOT DOT PHYSICALS.

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